Friday, 8 July 2011

A poem...

Now, everybody gives each day, our work is very tough,
Through volunteering, jobs and tasks… at dusk we’ve had enough!
Then your shift ends, you say goodbye and to your home you go
To put your feet up and have a drink, and deservedly so!
If your lucky, dinner’s made by your Mum or loving Wife,
You sit down for the evening news, aahhhhh isn’t this the life?!
A cup of tea would be so nice, you say with no ado,
So while you’re mopping up in there flick that kettle on, would you?
Some days you really want to help, like you’re about to burst,
And then you glance towards your wife, do I get reimbursed?!
But today it was one of those days that you’d rather just forget,
Thank goodness you’ve got a place to go relax with no regret.
What if you were stuck at work all week and on weekends too?
A bed set up, your boss always there to tell you what to do.
What of holidays? Well, imagine this: your boss must come along,
You want to chill and rest but can’t, there must be something wrong!
Say what you want but I tell you now I’m luckier than you
Because your boss is old and grumpy, and mine is too good to be true!
Those eyes, those giggles, the stories they tell melt my heart every day,
I have 3 fabulous bosses, although demanding, that I love in every way!
Some days I want to curl into a ball and tell them all to go away,
Please God just give me some time to myself I continually pray!
When those days come, and come they do, I have one simple request:
A cuddle, a kiss, a reassuring word to say I’m not that bad I’m actually the best!
You could be a husband, a partner, my mum or dad, my bestie, an angel, my neighbour,
I just need a ray of sunshine sometimes to brighten up the darkest corner.
This simple ray of sunshine fills my tank and gets me ready for the day ahead,
To know I’m loved and appreciated means so much more when it is lovingly said.
A Mother’s needs are simple, and few and far between.
To give so much, and all the time, is wondrous indeed.
Fill her with sunshine and let her loose like an angel from heaven above,
She’ll conquer the world and so much more, and she’ll do it all with Love.

Eat well, drink water, live life with Love, laugh a lot, smile at strangers, God Bless
Emily xxx


  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
    What a poet, are you!

  2. that is so very special, even more so if you can write so beautifully. Made my way here to your blog through another follower, thats how it all works here in blogland, I guess. What a Special place you have here, Have enjoyed myself looking around you lovely blog especially the beautiful pictures I will follow on my way out so as I know my way back next time. Please come visit my place soon and do the same. Cheers SpecialK XoXo