Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Reflections of a tea-infused mind

I sat down on Sunday morning to write yet another GREAT BIG LIST in an attempt to over-organise this seemingly messy life of mine. But then I thought, do I really need to be so pedantic? I looked out the window of my in-laws house and all of a sudden felt compelled to write. This world had suddenly captivated me. So I wrote this instead.

The winter sun is beaming through the huge dining room windows in all its glory and I can't help but sit back in my chair with my hot cup of tea and marvel in the wonder of everything around me.

As I look out into the world from my warm cosy chair in this warm cosy house, I see tall gum trees with a fantastic array of birds coming and going at their leisure, accomplishing tasks and living their lives without lists, routines or doubt. They simply use their pure instinct. And it is wonderful to watch.

Our dog has taken up residence in the garden bed near the roses, carefully selected I’m sure as the best spot outside to bask in the golden sunshine.

A Willy Wagtail hops between the rails of the front door ramp, the leafless grapevine twigs and the thorny rose bushes, and I can’t help but marvel at the amazing skill this little fella has that prohibits him being injured from moving so incredibly quick.

I wonder at the slimy little earthworms in the rich soil, and how such a miniscule and seemingly insignificant creature can be of such importance to the world in which we live. It makes me happy to think that my composting efforts do not go unnoticed.

The rays of the morning sun make all of the webs in the garden sparkle like diamonds, and the gentle breeze moves them like graceful dancers in a ballet. I wonder what it would be like in the world without our 8 legged friends and their sticky homes, and I instantly find my respect for them and the role they play increase tenfold.

The breeze is picking up a fair bit more now, and I can see every single little leaf on top of those big gum trees swaying together, but somehow busting their own moves at the same time as if to say “I’m my own leaf!” And I find myself smirking as I imagine each tree as a great big freestyle dance club, waiting for the right tune to float by on the breeze.

 I wish I could hear what they hear.

What a world.

Eat well, drink water, live life with Love, laugh a lot, smile at strangers, God Bless
Emily xxx
ps - My photos are: The one of the river and gum trees, and the one of the Orb Spider (her name was Charlotte, and we fed her bugs!). The others are courtesy of the World Wide Web!


  1. Beautiful, soul warming post Em - I LOVE IT.

  2. Wish I could have sat there with you enjoying the sun, nature and a cuppa ... it is a wonderful world.

  3. What a beautiful post Em. That is living in the moment!! And I was right there with you, could smell the tea, feel the sunshine warming my body and filling me with the goodness of Vitamin D and marvel at all that nature was presenting to you. xx